An upcoming Narrative Space Trading Game, with graphics inspired by Teletext and BBS.


  • Platforms: Windows
  • Engine: Adventure Game Studio


A Night That Wouldn’t End

A short point and click adventure game. The story of a researcher left alone with his boredom, a power shortage and a big blue staring moon on an island where night lasts for six months a year.


  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Engine: Unity


A Landlord’s Dream

Short cyberpunk point and click adventure game. A tale of good neighbourship and faulty technology.


  • Platforms: Windows, Linux
  • Engine: Adventure Game Studio


“A cyberpunk adventure game in a run-down apartment complex, and a game that feels a lot like a forgotten Phillip K. Dick story, brought to life with great attention to detail. Lovely, crunchy pixel art, careful worldbuilding, and a perfectly mood-setting, Vangelis-style soundtrack complete the package.”

– PC Gamer’s Best Free Games of 2017

Other games and prototypes

Over the years I developed a bunch of prototypes and small games, mostly during game jams and competitions. This is a selection of titles from the last two years.

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