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Hi there! My name is Christopher Sacchi, often known as LostTrainDude, and I’m an Italian indie game developer. Well… It’s better to say that I’m a guy who pretends to know that, at some stage in his life, will be able to develop good videogames.

Since 2011, mostly thanks to game development competitions and events such as:

I was able to develop games both completely on my own and with the indie teams Lonely Crew and Leafdog Games that I help respectively as a co-Game Designer and Game Designer\Programmer.

Also, I’m currently a blogger for:

  • IndieVault.it where I discuss indie games development, trying to research and focus on the stuff that interest me most.
  • Beavers.it where I’m able to talk about the games and all games-related stuff that I like most, helped by the great comic art of Marco Giammetti.

I really love to make use of creativity in anything I do (and I feel ugly when – for any reason – I don’t), that’s why you may even find that I made some experiments both in music and writing.

While I play, imagine, try to develop and love almost any kind of videogame, point and click adventure games have a special place in my heart.

That’s why I’m also a member of the Adventure Game Studio community, and wrote a 10 years retrospective (in Italian) on games developed with this tool on IndieVault.it.

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